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But once she started, she realized the benefit: ensuring every payment would count. More than half of PSLF applications were rejected because they did not meet the number of qualifying payments, according to the Education Department.

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Tomtschik and Svitavsky could make a good argument for another requirement: Pay attention to the details. Also read: Where the candidates stand on student debt and college affordability.

When Svitavsky learned about a new program — Temporary Expanded Public Service Loan Forgiveness — she realized forgiveness could come sooner than she thought. Last fall she applied, was denied and had to contact FedLoan to say she believed she qualified this is required practice when applying for the temporary expanded program. In the spring, after months of wrangling, she finally won forgiveness.

Read: The true cost of that student loan. Anna Helhoski is a writer at NerdWallet. Email: anna nerdwallet. Twitter: AnnaHelhoski. Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator. Retirement Planner. While her parents were educated and cultured - her father was an electrical engineer and mathematician, and her mother was a painter - her father was also rather Victorian in his command of the family and believed higher education would distract his daughters from their roles as mothers and wives.

Despite this, Rita's curiosity and drive led her to graduate from the University of Turin with a degree in medicine and surgery in , where she then began her research on nerve cells. In , with the rise of Nazi Germany, Benito Mussolini instituted laws in Italy that barred people with Jewish heritage, like Levi-Montalcini, from working at universities or in most professions. With little support from the outside world, Rita continued her studies in hiding, turning her bedroom into a laboratory and using sharpened sewing needles as surgical instruments. Moving underground with her family as the war encroached, Rita continued to trace and study nerve growth hormones in chicken embryos.

After publishing her research at the end of the war, she was invited to visit Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

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Rita ended up staying and working for the university until , where she worked with biochemist Stanley Cohen to discover the nerve growth factor, a protein that promotes nerve growth in nearby developing cells. She also made time to found the European Brain Research Institute in and serve as its president.

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She died at her home in Rome in at the age of Related Articles Accolades , Science. EPI would like to thank the following contributing photographers for the photos you see throughout our website:. Sorry, you need to have JavaScript enabled to properly view this site. Scroll Down. Enroll Donate. Apr Alice Ball Alice Ball, born on July 24, , became a chemist who would claim title to many firsts. Search EPI. Clue : In one of the endings, "Wadsworth" murdered the singing telegram girl, but then it turns out he's really Mr. Boddy; and the "it" that started the whole thing was Professor Plum murdering "Mr.

Boddy" really Mr.

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Boddy's butler, much to Plum's disappointment. In the lost fourth ending, he actually is the butler and murdered everyone out of a sick need for perfection, and reveals he poisoned everyone and locked the doors, then tries to escape in a police car, only to be mauled by a doberman. In Murder by Death , when the detectives are offering their solutions, one of them claims that it was the butler who did it and then faked his own death.

In the end they leave without suspecting the real killer the deaf mute cook. A variation appeared in the film Short Circuit 2. Johnny Five notices the novel The Hound of the Baskervilles. He begins speed reading through it, pauses halfway and says, "I think the chauffeur did it. Of course, as everybody knows, the murderer was the nephew of Sir Charles, and he had trained a vicious dog to murder the rest of the family in order to claim the Baskerville fortune for himself.


Gosford Park is an exploration of this trope and other murder-mystery-related tropes: Lampshaded when one character, an American movie maker working on a new murder mystery set in England, calls his studio: Mr. Weissman : Right, but I think it's clear it's the valet who did it. No, because the valet has access to everybody.

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No, the valet isn't the butler. No, there's one butler, and there's lots of valets running all over the place. He takes care of people. He's in their rooms at night. He could do it. I mean, the valet easily could have done it.

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Why Shoot a Butler? First it's discussed , when time-traveling main character Ned muses that the mystery they're solving is nothing like old-school detective stories, where the butler always does it.

It actually becomes a Running Gag in the book, as when he travels to a Genteel Interbellum Setting , people are complaining that it's becoming cliche in stories for the butler to do it. And then in the end, it turns out the running gag is a Chekhov's Gun , and butler really did do it In the Agatha Christie novel Three-Act Tragedy , the murderer posed as his friend's butler solely in order to murder him and then fled afterwards in a deliberately suspicious manner, returning in his usual guise as the victim's good friend.

In Black Coffee , the butler really did do it. However, since this was already a dead horse trope, you never see it coming because the butler never actually does it. In Arthur Conan Doyle 's Regency-era novel Rodney Stone , the butler was going to do it when the victim cut his own throat first. One Avram Davidson story presents a fictional crime writer who first used the phrase "the butler did it," and subsequently made a great deal of money off of murderous butler stories.

When he stumbles into Butler Afterlife, its inhabitants are inclined to kill him for defaming their profession. This is specifically forbidden under No. A spy story written by Eric Ambler in the s has an author as the main character. He gets into a conversation with a senior member of a foreign police force, who turns out to have literary ambitions of his own, but no talent: the cop's idea of a stunning resolution to the cliche-ridden murder mystery he dreams of writing is, in fact, this trope.

The butler did do it, but charging him with the crime becomes a bit beside the point when his true identity as an archdemon is exposed. She had a lot of money, a miserable disposition, a huge mean streak, and a dozen heirs who are all glad to see her dead. Baxter then says, "I told him I thought the butler did it, and he just nodded, all serious, and said he'd do a probability. Christ, he's a sweet kid. In The Night Mayor , the protagonists are trying to catch a criminal who's hiding out in a virtual reality realm based on film noir.

While they're trying to figure out which of the realm's denizens is their quarry in disguise, Tunney jokingly mentions this trope before admitting that film noir is the wrong genre for it. There's a short story where the members of the Retired Butler's Club are boasting about how they were each suspected of murder and then cleared by clever detectives even though they were all actually guilty.

Then, the club's butler murders all the members. Discussed in a Sweet Valley Twins book when the twins try to figure out who murdered a young heiress fifty years ago. Their older brother jokes that the butler must have done it because it's always like that in the movies. He was surprisingly close. It was the chauffeur.

Mocked by the Skulduggery Pleasant short story, The Horror Writers' Halloween Ball in reference to a case solved offscreen It's also not very interesting. The butler did it. In a 3rd Rock from the Sun episode, the aliens attended a murder mystery dinner thinking it was real, of course and Tommy suggests this at one point.

Harry replies "You think the butler did it? Well, that's a little far-fetched. At the end, there's an exchange along the following lines: Emma: Go ahead, say it. You know you've been dying to.

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Steed: The butler did it! Beckett : Okay Mr. Mystery Writer Man, what's your bestselling theory? Castle : I'm gonna go with Beckett : The butler? Castle : That's who we always go with when we run out of ideas. Rose: The butler did it! Waiter: I'm a maitre'd. Rose: Thank you. The maitre'd did it! Dorothy: So the butler did it? Blanche: No, the butler thought it up. He made the maid do it. Sam: I bet it was the butler. Sam : I thought there was always a butler. Drebin: Is there a ransom note? Hocken: Yes. The butler found it.