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As stated many times before, I love horses and so naturally I used writing as an excuse to read more about them. In the medieval era, there were different classifications of horses just like there are now. The Gideon Mountains, the mountain range that separates the Staspin Waste, Brevia, and Stlaven is lovingly named after my middle brother, Gideon, who shares my love of fantasy, especially dragons.

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The Zebulun River is the namesake of my youngest brother and is rather fitting. Like a river, he never stops moving, can be surprisingly destructive, but you love him anyway. However, the significance behind the name had little to do with its choosing. I just liked the sound. Genvissa is another figure from Arthurian lore who arranges a truce between her warring husband and father.

When I was searching for a name for the young healer in the prologue of The Secrets of the Vanmars, I stumbled across this name and fell in love with it. Amytans is a wise man who rebukes Merlin in a lesser-known Scottish poem, Lancelot of the Laik.

This is from The Chalice of Malvron and comes from jokester character when he is trying to get a friend to tell what it bothering her. While admirable, it requires no virtues.

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Bravery is facing fear and that takes far more strength. The servants know and tell all. Illness though this may be, there could not be a sweeter malady. To celebrate the release of The Chalice of Malvron and the five days the first two books will be free, I will be doing a blog feature each day where I talk about the series! So here is the first one. Lucan and Genvissa. This is a budding subplot that occurred quite by accident. The Lord Argetallam. Then I started developing him more and exploring his background, his childhood, and his complex psyche and now he is one of my favorite characters.

Though it can be hard to see why at this point in the series.

Cyrilius and Janir. Poor Aryana. The subplots about her, her husband, and the father of her only child get me excited because the emotions and details involved are so complicated and I love complicated.

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Malkalar has had only one scene in the series thus far, but he will be getting many more. Posted by Elisabeth Filed under my books , totally cool. Again, I think the score fits the nature of the book very well. It starts of sweet, but with a hint of suspense… Enjoy! Pay attention to the musical score, I think it fits the book perfectly! Tags argetallam , argetallam saga , daindreth's assassin , epic fantasy , Fanged outcast , fanged princess , fantasy , indie author , indies , novella , paranormal romance , series , summer , Vampire , writing , writing plans , ya , young adult.

Sign in. Janir Caersynn Argetallam wakes in Adasha with little memory and no certainty of what is real. The Argetallams around her claim to be family, yet feel like strangers. But with war approaching, she fears questioning her loyalties. When the Argetallams bring an arcane artifact into the war against the Brevians, Janir stands with them despite her reservations. Only when she meets Saoven and Karile, two spies for the Brevians, does it become clear her past holds secrets far more dangerous than she imagined. With invasion imminent and mere days to choose, the time comes to take a side.

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Faced with two versions of the truth, she must either betray the family she has come to love or a homeland she can't remember. Winter's Passage. Julie Kagawa. The Iron Queen.

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Iron's Prophecy. Iron Fey Series Volume 1. The Spirit Heir. Kaitlyn Davis. Daughter of Havenglade.

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Argetallam Saga by Elisabeth Wheatley

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  • And to save the people she loves, Janir may be forced to betray them all. Genre: Young Adult Fantasy. After the intense events of book 3, I was insanely curious about what would be next for Janir and her companions. And if you've read book 3 you know what I'm talking about. Since book 3 found Janir at odds with her true friends for some time I was quite eager for the gang to get back together.

    While I definitely enjoyed this book, there were a few hiccups that didn't quite work. Unlike all the previous books in the series, The Temple of Tarkoth doesn't have a prologue. Something that I believe is a bit of a hindrance. After I finished book 3 I dove into this book but I found the beginning to be very confusing. I didn't understand where we were at first or how long it had been since the events of Chalice of Malvron.