STIR: Spiritual Transformation In Relationships

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Church leaders will come away with a new paradigm for encouraging spiritual formation in their local church by providing appropriate encouragement and support to people at all stages of growth.

"STIR" by Mindy Caliguire - Ch. 1

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Got to Shopping Cart. You screen resolution is to small to fit the content correctly. That's what happened to my friend Mark Buchanan. Mark told me about his experience, using an illustration from the movie The Lion King:. In the Lion King, Simba — a self-obsessed, self-pitying young lion — loses his way after a tragic mistake. He wills a deep forgetfulness, rejecting who he is, spurning what he's called to.

The pain of his past and the burden of his future are crashing. He avoids it all by throwing himself into a life of idleness and indulgence. It's so much fun, until it's not.

STIR: Authentic Transformation in Small Groups KIT by WCA | Global Leadership Network

One day Simba meets Rafiki, a mandrill, a blue-faced baboon. Rafiki sits atop a branch and sings a nonsense song, half taunt, half ditty. Then he says to Simba, "I know who you are. The chase is on.

Great New Resource! STIR: Spiritual Transformation in Relationships

Rafiki swings from tree to tree, scrambles through thickets, darts and weaves, vanishes and appears. Simba gallops to catch him. At a turn in the chase, Rafiki says to Simba, "You are more than who you have become. At last, Simba comes open Rafiki by a pool in the forest.

Mufasa was the Lion King. But all Simba sees is his own face. The surface ripples, then stills. And Simba sees, reflected in his own face, the face of his father.

STIR (Audiobook) by Mindy Caliguire |

The face of the Lion King. He rises, and runs straights into his destiny. In Swahili, Mufasa means king. Simba means lion. That means friend. A rafiki helps us see the Father's face reflected in our own. He helps us discover that we are more than who we have become. He helps us, despite our failures, despite our inadequacies, despite our fears, rise to our true self, take hold of our true calling. I woke up one day, over a decade ago now, and realized I didn't have one, a rafiki.

I had just turned forty. I was enjoying life immensely. But I was friendless. There was not one person in my growing list of acquaintances and colleagues whom I would trust with the deep stuff. Not one I could call at in the morning if my life was derailing. Not one I could call at in the afternoon just to hang out. So I went in search of a rafiki, and found a few.

STIR: Authentic Transformation in Small Groups KIT

I had to take risks. I had to be vulnerable. I had to become curious. I had to drop my guard. I had to invite my rafikis to hold a mirror up to me, so I could see who I really was. So I could see who I might become. And they held it, and I saw. I still have miles to go, but I see more clearly than ever the Father's face reflected in my own. Sometimes the ideas and experiences presented in a classroom environment can catapult someone to a new awareness of their dependence on God and lead to a willingness to take next steps.

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Troy is a friend and fellow minister who participated in some classes I taught recently. He shares some thoughts about the experience. I heard the words at my church as if I was watching a movie in slow motion. Simultaneously I heard another voice in my head saying simply, "Buckle up — because that's you. STIR describes those stages learning together, journeying together, and following together and shows how progress through these stages is best made in the context of relationships that change in nature over time.

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