Lamp Of Hope: A Miracle Adventure Story

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PG 98 minutes. Rate movie. Watch or buy. Parents recommend Popular with kids. Based on 45 reviews. Based on 65 reviews.

Lamp of Hope: A Miracle Adventure Story

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User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Adult Written by Kate D October 23, I love this movie. I have considered this movie to be a Christmas classic for many years now. It is hilarious, has wonderful messages about family and Christmas, and has loveable Continue reading. Report this review.

Alaskans parade a wooden star from house to house to represent the Star of Bethlehem.

Parent of a 7 and 10 year old Written by jeannehayes December 25, Parents beware, preview this one first I have never been so incented to post a review a movie until we turned this one off half way through. The CSM reviewer was so off on this one, it's shamefu Teen, 13 years old Written by soccerismything34 January 4, Christmas Classic! I saw this every year since, well I don't remember!

I see it every year, and you still laugh! There is a little language including his friend greeting him Teen, 14 years old Written by a10d38 December 15, Stupid, Crude Don't waste your time! I honestly think it is a really stupid movie. We watched it in my science class today and I had actully never seen it before because it looked stupid, and well How exactly did Helen communicate? We are told that later she used books with "raised print". We are told she could understand what people were saying by feeling their lips.

A Miracle Story Brooklyn Hope

It is by the first two methods, Helen absorbed information at Radcliffe. We are told she learned to talk, but none of this is clearly explained in detail.

It was such details I was looking for in this book. The prose style is dated and on the flowery side. Through her prose she is showing us her success and what her hard work has accomplished. One can understand why she chose to write in this manner. Her style mimics the renown writers she studied and the literature that she came to love. I would have preferred a more heartfelt, simpler prose. The last half of the book consists solely of letters written by Helen.

They are written from to , i. Their content is not all that engrossing. They do reveal her increased writing capabilities. The audiobook I listened to was narrated by Mary Woods. The narration is good—simple to follow, read at an appropriate speed and without dramatization. View all 22 comments. I always had an interest in Helen Keller. When I was young my parents nicknamed me Helen Keller, because I would go around to everyone's plates and demand food. I wouldn't eat off my plate, but I would gobble off others without remorse. I would still have this habit of munching off people's delectable morsels if I wasn't humiliated in High School.

It was just second nature to me that I didn't even notice that I would grab a chip here and there. Helen Keller was introduced to me when I was very young, and I introduced her to my daughter.

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They are biographical picture books. The second was Helen Keller, which my husband and I read almost everyday. They are really cute and in comic book form. Helen Keller was not born deaf and blind, but became very sick at nineteen months.

Edited By Julian Hawthorne

The sickness ran it course, but left a permanent mark. Did she let her disability defeat her? If you watched the movie, or watched the many versions making fun of her disability you know the answer. But no she did not. Instead she learned to speak and in multiple languages, went to college, and helped many people out. She was a well to do woman, a go-getter, and an inspiration for generations. I think if she had a disability or not she would have done something amazing with her life.

She was that kind of person when said she was going to do something she did it. Life was tough for her, but she zig-zagged to get what she wanted. She is a wonderful woman. It is weird to find that Helen and I have some similarities, besides eating off other people's plates. Maybe, I was Helen Keller in my past life! Just kidding, she would be disappointment in me. She described a story about being at the beach. She was playing in the ocean when unfortunately she was sucked under a wave. - Save On Used Textbooks – Up to 80% off

She eventually resurfaced. I too had this happen to me or I thought it did. It is a really fuzzy dream, but very real in my mind. I remember being at the beach on a dark and stormy day.

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I don't remember who I was with though. I feel like my parents wouldn't take me to the beach at that time, but somehow I was there. There I was in the water, when all of a sudden I too was sucked under a wave. I remember being jostled around, and doing many flips in the water. I held my breath and closed my eyes. I was afraid. Then somehow I was back on the sand. Once I opened my eyes I noticed that I wasn't far from my group, but still I was pushed down the beach. I remember running back, and that is the end of my memory. I had some very lucky moments if it wasn't a dream.

Also, her thoughts about college are very similar to mine. She said "One goes to college to learn, it seems not to think. Here you having a full course load, which is 15 credit hours, and you are expected to memorize all this information about individuals, concepts, theories,..

During college I felt like everything was rush, rush, rush. I just learned the concept and how to solve the problem. I had other course work to do and I couldn't sit too long on a subject. I have a science major for goodness sakes! Take Organic Chemistry and feel the misery of all science majors. After college I have a lot of time on my hand to think of the knowledge that I have gained, and analyze other concepts. Then you are suppose to study 3 hours for every credit hour.

All the information you read for one class can conflicted with the other classes' information, which leaves you only with a jumbled bag of information that isn't categorized.

College is hard, and not thinking about the subject in depth causes more pain.