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We don t often consider the implication of business in the 9th Ward, but it could be a vital a part of New Orleans future growth. In , Edward de Bono invented "Lateral Thinking. For example, how do you get more college grads to enter the workforce wanting to go into technology Regular logic would suggest employers pay more to people in these positions.

Or offer college scholarships. Todd Wackerman has come up with a lateral thinking solution. It allows high schools to get kids interested in STEM subjects by lending schools science and tech equipment that they couldn t otherwise afford. Flor Serna is working laterally on the problem of only 3 in 10 people in engineering being women, and only 1 in 10 being women of color.

In a world where everything we hear about seems to be some form of disturbing news that s delivered by mass media that half of us distrust, or social media that most of us distrust, it restores your faith in human nature to discover that there are people out there who are genuinely working for the greater good of all of us.

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For a number of years now we ve talked about New Orleans as a great place to start a business. But we ve learned it s not such an easy place to take a startup to the next level. When the business you re starting up is not technology, but you re actually manufacturing a real world product, it becomes even more difficult. Jaime Glas seems to have defied the odds. Jaime started a manufacturing business. She s based out of New Orleans.

And her company is doing great. Jaime s company is called Haute Work. She makes industrial flame resistant clothing for women. If that s one product you would never have thought of inventing, Luke Hooper has a bunch more. Everything from a whole new version of chess, to baked goods, and a new way of keeping your shoes on your feet. Luke has a company called Factor 10 Design, where they take original ideas and turn them into commercial products.

Remember that time you had a great idea You were probably doing something you ve done a thousand times before and you thought, "There s got to be an easier way. Why doesn t somebody invent People who work in universities have these kinds of ideas too.

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When you think about it, the reason people work at universities is they re smart. They re the kinds of people who deal in ideas. But by and large they re not the kinds of people who know how to turn an idea into a product. That s why universities now have departments that do just that.

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They re called departments of Technology Transfer. Sometimes the stars just line up. Whether it s fate, destiny, luck, or your own ingenuity, once in a while you find yourself in the right place at the right time and you have one of those "Aha" moments. Turning that aha moment into a successful business is a whole other matter. That s what Peter s two lunch guests today are hard at work doing. Boyce Clark was a geophysicist and a single dad who came up with a chemical solution to tame his daughter s frizzy hair.

Now he has a nationwide, chemistry driven beauty products business called Lubricity Labs. Arpit Bhopalkar came to New Orleans and was amazed to find athletes drinking coconut water rather than the sugarcane water he was used to drinking in South East Asia. So Arpit started up Bhoomi Cane Water, a company that makes cane juice from the massive amount of sugar cane grown in Louisiana.

Opportunity knocks but once.

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You get one shot at turning a moment into a mountain of money. In business, we go to great pains to treat men and women equally. But when it comes to pain itself, men and women are not always equal. NOLA Pelvic Health is the first and only clinic in New Orleans that specializes in the treatment of women s pelvic floor muscle dysfunctions including pelvic pain, bowel and bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction, and pregnancy and postpartum recovery. There are two High Level Speech and Hearing clinics in New Orleans one Uptown and one in Elmwood where you can get all kinds of audiology services, from getting your hearing tested, to getting your hearing aid repaired.

Generally, when we talk about healthcare we re thinking about one of two scenarios getting treatment for everyday ailments like the flu. Or catastrophic illness, like heart disease or cancer. For these eventualities we expect to be taken care of by health clinics, or hospitals, that are generally part of large health systems. When people say "New Orleans is known for its food" they mostly mean restaurants.

From iconic places like Commander s, to your favorite hole in the wall poboy joint. What we are less known for in New Orleans is healthy food. But like so much else here, that s changing. One of the reasons for that change is a company called Supereats. At Supereats they make what they call "snacks with a purpose. They harvest fruit from trees that produce more than the tree owner can eat and distribute it to folks who don t have access to fruit trees.

What's Going to Happen to Healthcare? There are not many subjects that everybody is an expert on. But healthcare is one of them. Many people s opinions about how healthcare should be provided are formed as a result of interactions with the healthcare system that have involved large sums of money and had less than optimum outcomes.

On this edition of Out to Lunch Peter Ricchiuti is talking with two experts about the healthcare system as we know it, and as we might see it evolve in the near futureperts. Steven Udvarhelyi, known far and wide as simply "Dr. We all know healthcare is changing it always seems to be changing but it s changing in surprising directions most of us know little or nothing about.

If you d like to back up your opinions with some facts about healthcare this is a great conversation to listen in on. Photos at Commander s Palace by Catherine King. We get excited when economic development people announce a prestigious business is relocating to New Orleans, and bringing with it hundreds of jobs. But business recruiters often report that quality candidates don t want to move to New Orleans, because of our poor education system and high crime rate.

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Peter Ricchiuti s guests on this edition of Out to Lunch are working on both of those problems. Jeff Burkhardt s company, Active Solutions, are the guys who are putting crime cameras all over the city. Both the Mayor and Chief of Police believe this is a major step toward reducing crime. Aaron Frumin s company, Uncommon Construction, is linking school and industry, by employing, and paying, high school kids to build new homes, as a part of their education.

Everybody agrees, we have to do something about crime and education. Crime cameras are controversial and kids swinging hammers is unorthodox, but maybe they re the kinds of change we need. People come to Louisiana looking for everything from Alligators to Zydeco. The two things they are usually not looking for are high tech superstars and women duck hunters.

That s exactly who Peter s guests on Out to Lunch are looking for. Bill Ellison and his venture capital organization Innovation Catalyst invest in new high tech companies. Some of them turn out to be big deals, like Waitr, which recently sold for m. Emily Degan s company, Saint Hugh, makes outdoor apparel, focused on functional and fashionable clothes for women who like to hunt ducks. In business, New Orleans and Louisiana are both undeniably changing. Ideas and companies that would have been completely foreign to us and unfundable a few years ago, are taking root and flourishing.

It no longer seems unreasonable or unlikely to wonder if Saint Hugh could become the next Lulu Lemon or if Innovation Catalyst could finance the next Facebook.

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You ve probably heard of Maslow s Hierarchy of Needs. At the foundation of the pyramid is our need for shelter and food. Even if you re a real New Orleanian and you think about food a lot, there s a pretty good chance you don t spend too much time pondering the 40 trillion bacteria living in your gut. Dale Pfost does. Dale s company, Microbiome Therapeutics, has launched a product called BiomeBliss. It s a step up from probiotics. BiomeBliss is prebiotics. On the basic need for shelter, Jonathan Tate and his company, OJT, are an architecture and design company who are taking a novel approach to where you live.

They re buying up irregular size lots that nobody wants in desirable New Orleans neighborhoods, and building irregular shaped homes with irregular low price tags. If you re a regular follower of Out to Lunch and familair with New Orleans, this is another in the series of conversations of which there seem to be an increasing number colored with a certain incredulity that such original thinking and world leading scientific break throughs are happening here.

Photos over lunch by Jill Lafleur. If you re like most Americans, and an even greater percentage of New Orleanians, you ve got concerns about your weight. One of the contributors to issues with our weight, and health, is sugar. But sugar free products don t taste all that great. And substituting sugar with synthetic chemicals is not a popular solution.

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Believe it or not, there is a product that is a real sugar substitute. It s all natural. And it has zero calories.

It s called Swerve. It s gaining popularity across the country. And it comes from right here in New Orleans. If you have a great idea like Swerve, Scott Couvillion is the guy to talk to about getting your idea out into the world.