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Country music — I love the words, the stories. Wizards Unite game. Christmas music, even before Thanksgiving. Or hot sauce in general. Even popcorn! Oh, and pizza dipped in blue cheese.

Mamacita recently posted Scary Stuff. The smell of kerosene and bus exhaust, turkey spam, brussel sprouts, Stephen King books, Hot tea with cream and sugar, lemon anything. Movies that could be described as in bizarre and in poor taste. French fries with mustard. A long list of sci fi and horror movies with : in the title.

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Hanging out in a bathrobe at home instead of turning up the thermostat. And on and on and on. Casseroles that have cream of mushroom soup as an ingredient. The smell of asphalt when warmed by the sun. Cold pizza for breakfast. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Candy corn or those candy pumpkins that are made of the same stuff as candy corn. The cicadas.

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I use to wear them when I lived on a farm in Arkansas and they were everywhere. I love fried baloney on cinnamon raison bread with mayo. Best sandwich ever. Brussel sprouts, dark chocolate — before it became fashionable, loose fitting clothes, rainy days, cold days, cold, rainy days, Jeremy Corbyn, mild to medium turbulence, honest, grumpy people, conspiracy theories. Cheez Whiz. On toast by itself, on toast topped with strawberry jam, on popcorn, on broccoli or cauliflower in place of a decent cheese sauce , melted and mixed with salsa.

Diet Pepsi in Canada.

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Diet Pepsi in the US is weird. Cheddar cheese on apple pie. A chunk of cheese to eat with my apple. Walking through cemeteries. Old Sci-Fi and monster movies. Cozy mysteries The smell of horses. Tofu, drinking milk with pizza, cilantro, reptiles, the Oxford comma, the movie Sweet Home Alabama. Speaking in movie quotes, the weight of my weighted blanket, baby toes to look at, not eat or anything. Lots of people love it, but lots of people hate it, too. Pineapple on Pizza.

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Capitalizing Words that I Feel are Important. Reading Children Books.

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Fries and occasionally burgers dipped into milkshakes or soft serve ice cream. Exclamation Marks! Those terribly SyFy channel monster movies ala Sharknado. Christmas music. Corey recently posted For The Follically Challenged! I agree totally with double spaces after periods, pineapple on pizza, and the taste of baby aspirins adult aspirins were such a disappointment! Also liver, white chocolate, super spicy hot sauce, sewing and embroidery, driving long distances. Give me all the snakes, please. Pickle juice! Straight out the jar. I used to replace it with water when I was a kid, thinking no one would know.

The X-Files. I can still name episodes and tell you who was in what episode when I see them in something else. I love 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Munchos chips, especially dipped in milk. Gefilte fish. Cool, rainy days. When everything is spelled correctly. Conversations with big words and no judgement.

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Unconditional friend-love, including physical touch. The Howard the Duck movie, unironically. Lumps in my mashed potatoes. Pretzels dipped in cream cheese. Not brushing my hair. And since I missed things we hate: all forms of mint. They taste like metal and sorrow and bitter regret. Fried chicken livers, saltines in a glass of milk how old school is that! I LOVE green olives. I can eat half a jar in one sitting. I like watching the kid TV shows with my littles.

Like, I actually enjoy them. Steak Tartare.

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Mayo on bologna sandwiches. Totally with you on the 2 spaces after a period — using only one space is just annoying.

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I like cottage cheese and salsa I keep them a little separated in the bowl so I can eat one or the other or mix them by mouthful — great with crackers. Okra done any way — pickled, fried or stewed. Pickle juice. Dry meat my mom overcooked everything. Organizing and sorting. Comfortable shoes, even if they are ugly. Having my bed all to myself. When I was a kid I liked Crisco mixed with granulated sugar. And my Mom used to make me these fantastic pies that no one else would eat, with very sour apples far, far from ripe and LOTS of sugar.

Watching earwax removal videos on youtube. Eating more or less the same thing every day. Diet Coke genuinely sweeter than the norm, I think. Gwyneth Paltrow so good at making fun of herself. Lou Reed at his most obnoxious. Jack White at his.